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SMITH Rockaway

Don’t be fooled by the clean aesthetics. The Smith Rockaway has all the style of your everyday shades, but these performance sunglasse...
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SMITH Deckboss

When it comes to long days on the water, the fit of your sunglasses is as important as the optics. With the Smith Deckboss, we prioritize bo...

SMITH Guides Choice

The Guide’s Choice has been reimagined to exceed the needs of our most demanding customers. Incorporating our most advanced eyewear te...

Skeleton Optics Decoy


Skeleton Optics Stampede Original

The Stampede is our signature female frame design, refined and fashionable fusing style and performance.
Blue Gun

Skeleton Optics SO7 Mil-Spec Ballistic Shooting Edition Z87+

The Skeleton Optics SO7 MILSPEC Ballistic sets the new standard for high-mass and high-velocity impact protection as ballistic-rated sunglas...
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Skeleton Optics Outlaw

For those who dare to run against the grain, the Outlaw represents rebellious fashion and unmatched capability.
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Bronze Titanic


The whoosh of your buddy passing you through the rock garden is basically just an invitation to chase. You’ll be happy to oblige in th...

SMITH Riptide

There’s a time and a place to sweat the details. Designing the Riptide, we did just that. These Smith sunglasses are a classic, Italia...


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You’re a pro at adapting to your changing environment and so are these Smith Barra sunglasses. This pair moves easily between a long m...

SMITH Shoutout

From: $200.00
A future classic. The Smith Shoutout has a traditional shape, but these sunglasses are no retro revival. We used some of our more forward-lo...
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SMITH Embark

Glacier travel. High elevation summits. Spring snowfields. Eye protection in the alpine is serious business. Whether you’re skiing or ...