Fly Lines

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RIO Elite Single Handed Spey

The perfect line for roll and single handed Spey casts with low-stretch, ultra-slick performance Incredibly easy roll and overhead casting l...

LOOP SDS Switch Kits

The new LOOP SDS Switch System is a totally interchangeable shooting head solution for switch rods.

LOOP SDS Scandi Kits

The all new SDS Scandi System is a totally interchangeable shooting head solution for modern two handed fly fishing techniques.

RIO Intouch Salmon/Steelhead

Specifically designed for the demands of the steelhead and salmon fly fisher Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum sensitivity and perfo...

LOOP SST Dry Fly Line

Optimal Presentation Taper for wind-resistant dry flies THE SST DRY FLY taper dimensions are designed for optimal presentation of wind-resis...

Opti Flex Long
Floating & Hover

The Opti Flex Long is the perfect distance fly line for multiple fishing situations that require comprehensive water coverage. The extended ...

Opti Flex
Floating & Hover

The ideal all-purpose fly line for a range of fly fishing situa- tions. The perfectly balanced taper is developed for a range of application...

LOOP Opti Drift Floating

The Opti Drift incorporates a specific short taper profile to max- imise both casting efficiency and fly presentation when overhead and unde...

Opti Stillwater

The Opti Stillwater is designed for medium sized streams or lake fishing. The taper enables both short and long casts with long leaders and ...

Opti Stream

This highly effective taper configuration is designed for extreme ease of use in both underhand and overhand casting.

LOOP Synchro Tactical Salmon

The SDS Tactical Salmon Lines are a range of fly lines designed specifically for fishing environments where presentational techniques are pi...

LOOP GDC Shooting Heads

GDC shooting heads have been developed specifically for modern double-handed fly casting techniques.