Experience St. Lewis River Labrador

A quick look down at the St. Lewis River and the sight of splashes quickens your heart rate. A high tide has brought a fresh run of salmon and they are vying for positions at the prime holding areas in the Falls Pool. You notice a guide already waiting. Jumping out of bed you pull on your clothes, tip toe to grab a coffee and make you way down to the river. The pool is alive with rolling and jumping salmon.

  • 5
    Maximum Anglers
  • 3-20 lbs
    Salmon Size

The Lodge

Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company has paired one of the most spectacular Atlantic salmon angling locations with the construction of a world-class Lodge. The facility blends traditional New Hampshire white pine log construction with classic lodge finishes from around the world. Read more


There are many theories to explain the allure of fly-fishing. We prefer to describe fly-fishing as an art form with many personal benefits. As with any art, the level of enjoyment and personal satisfaction sought or achieved varies widely with each individual. Irrespective of age and experience we do know that your St. Lewis River Lodge visit will deliver a wealth of memories in the art of hooking, playing and releasing Atlantic salmon amidst absolute luxurious surroundings. Read more